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Planning & Zoning Commission

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The Planning and Zoning Commission has seven members who serve three year staggered terms. The Commission acts on rezoning actions, conditional use permits, variances, planned unit developments (for PUD’s) and changes to the Palmer Municipal Code in Title 17, Zoning.

Time Tables for Planning and Zoning Commission Review

Several planning and zoning actions require approval by the City of Palmer Planning & Zoning Commission or a Hearing Officer. These include:

Rezoning Property

Issuance and Modification of Conditional Use Permits


Construction of a Building in a Public Use District

Applications for any of these actions can be obtained from the Department of Community Development. After the application is received, the fee paid, and staff has determined the application to be complete, a public hearing will be scheduled. It takes at least 30 days to process all the paperwork and ensure public notice from the time the application is deemed complete to the date of the public hearing. The Community Development staff will be happy to confirm a schedule once the application has been received.

Please contact the Department of Community Development at 907-745-3709 with questions regarding the Planning and Zoning Commission.